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Buenos aires

As a native of Latin America, I am always thrilled to have the opportunity to travel back to South America and meet fellow Latin Americans interested in becoming part of the UCLA Anderson family.

Thursday night was the first of a series of Information Evenings–that is what we call our information sessions–I will be doing in Latin America. My next stops include Sao Paulo, Santiago, Lima, Monterrey and Mexico City. During my trip, I intend to share on our blog any pertinent questions that arise during my events In Latin America that may be of interest to any prospective UCLA MBA Applicants.

One interesting questions that arose at my event in Buenos Aires was about the importance of grades (GPA’s) and whether lower grades should deter applicants from applying to top competitive schools.
At UCLA Anderson, we know that grades are important but we also know that they are only one aspect of what an individual can brings to an MBA program. We look at grades as one of the indicators that will help us predict how you will do academically.   However, when looking at your undergraduate grades, we evaluate a number of other factors.  We also look at each individual school for its academic rigor and the difficulty of your particular course load.  We also examine the progression and any improvements you may have demonstrated throughout your education.

Last but not least, we also understand that sometimes, unforeseen circumstances affect your ability to perform. That is why we look holistically at the entire application. We look to see other indications of academic performance such as GMAT scores, additional courses taken after college, professional certificates and even the nature of your work to help offset a blemish in your academic career.

We work hard at crafting a diverse class of well-rounded individuals with professional maturity and leadership potential. Grades are only one part of a larger and more complex evaluation and selection process. For more information on our evaluation process please visit our website

-Adrian Aguirre

Associate Admissions Director

UCLA Anderson  




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