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This past week we officially started our Fall Receptions Tour. Kicking off in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Singapore. Soon to be followed by our tour through South America next week and then on to Asia, Europe, the US, Canada and the Middle East, and not necessarily in that order. Check out our reception schedule for dates and locations.

The events I attended last week in Asia were fantastic. Turnout was great and having a chance to interact and speak with so many talented and diverse people is something I always enjoy. It is clear to me that not only is Booth’s reputation getting stronger but it is continuing to attract people from all walks of life – people with a vast array of experiences and goals for their future. It’s been exciting to be part of our transition from being perceived as a Finance school to talking to students about Marketing and Entrepreneurship and Management and Organizational Behavior as well as our strengths in Finance and Economics.

It’s fun being challenged by the questions that come from our attendees and I love when the questions touch on all aspects of our program. The question that immediately comes to mind was when a prospective student asked, “What is one word that would capture Chicago Booth’s difference from other top MBA programs?” Now there are arguably a lot of ways to effectively answer this question but in my mind the answer is “non-prescriptive.” Having represented Booth for almost a decade, as well as being an alum of the program, the thing that has always stood about Booth is, it is what you make it. Whether it is the format of the program (Full-Time, Evening, Weekend, Executive), the curriculum you choose, the place you live, the network you make, the career you choose, etcetera. Booth is a school that truly puts the experience in the hands of its students. We provide the best support services available to partner with you and to help you understand and negotiate the tradeoffs you will have to make as you navigate all the options you have to choose from while you’re here. At Chicago Booth our culture is all about finding ways to generate the best provisional ideas, and to do that we need an environment where people are fully engaged and actively participating in the process. Given that everyone has different needs, skills, interests and goals, a non-prescriptive approach to your education is the best way we know to allow everyone to fully engage themselves and the environment around them – making Booth a really exciting place to learn, grow and inevitably transform who you are.

Kudos to the person who asked me this question and please keep them coming. I look forward to talking to more of you when I am on the road.    


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