I know that many of you are trying to arrange visits to see HBS classes this fall. We wish we could open every single classroom every day to prospective candidates, but that just isn’t possible. As I’ve said before, faculty like to let the first year students get comfortable with both the case method and each other before they welcome guests. There are also days on which first year students are doing small group projects in FIELD which would not be able to accommodate visitors.

We will open up the class visit sign-ups by the end of this week. We only open a two week period. Why? Because we need to minimize the possibility that someone will sign-up for a session way in advance, not be able to actually come, and therefore we’ll have no-shows and empty seats.

I know this system isn’t perfect. Many of you are traveling great distances in order to see us and we take that investment seriously. We hold information sessions (led by Admissions Board members) and campus tours (led by students) on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays during the fall semester. No advance sign-up is necessary for these – just come to Dillon House at 3pm for student-led tours and 4:15pm for the Admissions Board information sessions. Also, I really think our videos of first year classes are helpful. Whenever you are visiting our HBS campus, please check our Visit HBS page first to receive the most up-to-date listing of campus programming offered each day.

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