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By Dartmouth - Tuck September 30, 2011 Leave a Comment

As I find myself near the end of a successful (and hectic!) Fall A session, I’ve spent some time reflecting on my academic experience so far at Tuck. What surprised me most was just how deeply I’ve absorbed some of the course material. While I was expecting this kind of academic enrichment (indeed, it was one of the primary reasons I chose Tuck), I find myself pleasantly surprised by just how enriching it was!

My favorite class this term, Analysis for General Managers, serves as the best example of this immersive learning experience. The professor, Paul Argenti, is an expert in corporate communication and also an innovative user of social media platforms. At the end of case discussion in each class, Professor Argenti would display a “Twitter Prompt” which was a question not discussed in class that day pertinent to the case. For the rest of the week, the AGM twitter topic came to life with some deeply insightful comments from students across all sections and from Professor Argenti himself, who regularly re-Tweets posts. (As a side note, trimming down conclusions based on 20+ page cases into 140 characters is RIDICULOUSLY hard) The experience gained from discussing corporate strategy and communication with a renowned expert 24/7 was just unreal, especially considering my consulting aspirations.
While I am pretty sad that AGM is over, Twitter has become quite a hobby of mine. I’ve subscribed to tweets from HBR, Economist and Financial times and regularly analyze real-time business events using the frameworks taught in AGM. After the first four weeks of classes at Tuck, I’m amazed at not only how much I learned, but how much I retained. As Albert Einstein once said: “The value of a college education is not the learning of many facts but the training of the mind to think.” By this yardstick, Tuck does an amazing job.
Before I sign off on my first blog post, I wanted to quickly introduce myself: my name is Justin Rodriguez, and I have the distinct pleasure of being one of the Class of 2013 student bloggers. I was born and raised in Staten Island, NY. I look forward to the interactions I will have with many aspiring Tuckies in the future.

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