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My classmates are not the only people in New Hampshire looking to land a big job in 2012. This Tuesday, the most crucial debate of the Republican Primaries will be held in Spaulding Auditorium at Dartmouth. It’s fair to say I’m a little excited.

I’m a student volunteer and will spend the event backstage in the spin room. OK, so there’s no Jed Bartlet (more’s the pity) and it might not be as exciting as the West Wing, but there’s a reasonable chance that I’ll get to see the next President of the United States. Now, that is pretty cool. All I need to do is decide which t-shirt to wear…

Also pretty cool (to say the least) was being in NYC for the PE Center dinner and advisory board meeting on Thursday and Friday of this week. New York offices are generally impressive, especially to we Europeans, but the KKR boardroom where one of my fellow PE Club co-chairs and I had the opportunity to present to distinguished members of the board, was beyond words. See for yourself…

The whole experience was certainly the highlight of second year so far. Here are a few things I learned over the couple of days:

- No top business school has a higher ratio of students entering PE on graduation over students leaving PE to matriculate
- Dean Danos is committed to further strengthening the PE Center (and thereby continuing to build Tuck’s already strong standing in the PE community) with additional resources and programs in the coming years
- Mario Draghi (the new President of the European Central Bank) was previously on the board of the Tuck PE Center
- I should have taken the Real Estate elective this fall (if my classmates’ persistent endorsements of the class were not enough to have convinced me before now, Steven Roth’s talk at the PE dinner, and my discussions with a PE firm with a substantial PIPE in a smoothie bar chain, made me realize that I ought to have taken the opportunity to learn more about the topic while at Tuck)

One final highlight to share is that there are four main dormitory buildings at Tuck (Pineau-Valencienne, Raether, Achtmeyer, Whittemore). In little over a year at the school, I have now met the eponymous donors for all four – a true sign of the intimate contact Tuckies enjoy with heavy-hitting alumni of the school.

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