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The one question I always get from prospective students is “why did you choose Tuck?” At times, I feel like Tuck is a mythical creature (a reference to an event this week that I can’t reveal on this blog) because there are so many myths that seem to arise about it.

Well, today I am here to dispel many of these myths about Tuck and tell why I personally love this place.

First, if you haven’t read the news in a few weeks, Tuck was just ranked #1 in the Economist across global MBA programs. Of the reasons mentioned, a few stood out which I totally agree with. The value of the alumni network is real. Tuck alums are a phenomenal bunch, and are always willing to give back to their students. Quality over quantity is something I would mention, while we don’t have the numbers of other top schools, I would argue, as evidenced by not only this ranking but also word of mouth from other friends at business school, Tuck’s alumni consistently rank among the most active and engaged. Also, nearly all of Tuck students graduated with a job after three months (dispels the myth about companies coming to campus).

Tuck is a special place. I will not be brazen and say that it is for everyone, because it is definitely not. I like to make an analogy of shared experiences and how it relates to Tuck. For example, people who are in fraternities, sororities, the military, secret societies, etc. all typically have very strong bonds with those in the same organization. Why? Because they have a shared experience among each other that is significantly different from others. Many top schools will have similar classes, global opportunities, and networks. However, I feel Tuck is different. We are all in Hanover together – the nearest city is two hours away. We bond HEAVILY while we are here; we have to. We live in one of the most picturesque places in America – we love the outdoors and all it has to offer. We make due with the bars and restaurants we have and have some of the most memorable moments on a random Tuesday evening. We adapt to our surroundings. And all the people who come to Tuck want this type of environment; we thrive in an environment that focuses on BUILDING relationships and keeping them steady for a lifetime. I didn’t think it would be like this when I arrived. As a second year, it has been truly amazing to see how these relationships have blossomed, and how I continue to wake up each day thankful that I could partake in one of the best business school environments America has to offer.

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