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Question: It sounds as if interview invites will be coming out soon. Can you describe the interview day a bit further? In other words, are there events aside from the actual interview when one goes to campus?

Answer: We understand that not everyone could attend one of our Open Houses during the fall so we try to make the interview day pretty robust. You will have the chance to not only interview but also go to class (on select days) and have lunch with students and faculty. You can also go on a tour and students will be available in the lobby to speak with you about their experience at Darden.

Question: Do applicants interview with both students and admissions committee members? Or just one or the other?

Answer: You will be interviewed by either a member of our Student Admissions Committee (SAC) or a member of our full-time Admissions Committee staff. In the beginning we do have SAC members sitting with us as they get trained, but that should be seen as good thing — you get to ask them questions about their experiences. Don’t think that interviewing with a student isn’t as good as being with a full-time Committee member. We respect their opinions — they have a good eye for what makes a great Darden student.

Question: Could you please elaborate on how scholarships are awarded? Also, how and when are students notified?

Answer: The Committee will nominate candidates for scholarships based on a lot of different factors (i.e. leadership, career interests, etc.) Those that are nominated are forwarded to our scholarship committee (mostly faculty) who make the final decisions. When you receive your offer of admission we will include whether you have been offered a scholarship and other financial aid information. We will always have more people who are worthy of scholarships than we have money to give!

Question: How does the interview timeframe work?  i.e., if invited to interview, are applicants given an opportunity to schedule? If so, how soon should they plan to be on campus?

Answer: You can self-schedule. We usually give you about a two week timeframe to work with. 

Question: Does Darden provide any support for partners to find jobs in the area?

Answer: We do. We have the Darden Partners Association. They do a great job of providing support and information. Your partner is welcome to reach out to them at any point to get information about what it’s like to be a partner and what’s it’s like to live in Charlottesville. And we have several partners who actually work at Darden as well.

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