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First, I must say that my first blog post is long overdue. I don’t have a real excuse
except that I have been living the dream at Tuck and finding time to sit down
and write about it has been tough.

Just as a little background . . . I grew up in Texas, and except for a one year
stint in San Francisco after undergrad, have lived my life below the Mason
Dixon line. I may have gone ice skating once or twice as a kid for a birthday
party, but never actually remember being on the ice. However, I joined the Tuck
Tripod League (just like most Tuckies.) I didn’t know what to expect stepping
foot on the ice, but after that first step and subsequent fall, I have never
looked back.

I was drafted by a second-year captain for team Lubrano. We were a team with a lot of
personality, but not a lot of talent. In fact, we started off the season 0-4.
We didn’t have a super-star like many of the other teams, and we were basically
the “easy win” for other teams in the league. However, what the other teams did
not know is that we were starting to gel as a team. Our learning curve was
steep and things just starting to come together. We finished the season with
only 2 wins (2-5-3) which placed us in one of the two bottom seeds for the
playoffs (everybody makes the playoffs.)

Heading into the playoffs we had a BBQ at the Captain’s house and were now more than
just teammates, we were a TEAM. We came into the playoffs hoping to win, but
knowing that with only two wins all season, it was going to be tough to
advance. Well, we came together and won our first two games and made it to the
finals. No one could believe it. We were the David up against Goliath. They had
the best player in the league along with a roster of talent.

I must admit I was nervous. A couple of hundred Tuckies came out to the rink to
watch the big game. I will say the fans were rooting for us (everyone loves a
good underdog story.) With 3 minutes left I scored the game tie-ing goal (my
first goal ever). We went into OT and then in a shootout the Lubrano’s were
victorious. It was a Disney movie set in Hanover New Hampshire. It was one of
the most amazing nights ever and something you can only find at Tuck!

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