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It’s a week away…so I thought some details might be in order.

This is our plan: On Monday, December 19 – hopefully at noon Boston time – all Round 1 interviewees will receive an email saying their decision is available online. We don’t make any phone calls ahead of time…none. And that’s a promise. Whatever the news is for you, we want to make sure you at least have control over the timing.

In addition to admit and deny notifcations, we will also be inviting about 120 or so candidates who have been interviewed to join our waitlist. All waitlisters will receive additional information from Dana Scalisi, who manages this process.

For candidates who are denied admission after an interview, there will also be information about call-in hours in January if anyone would like to have a conversation with me. I wouldn’t call these “feedback” calls since they aren’t very detailed…but sometimes it can be reassuring to hear that there were not specific weaknesses in an application, but rather just the reality of a highly selective process with the goal of maximizing the mix of voices and perspectives in the classroom.

For those of you in waiting mode, I send you all good wishes for distraction.

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