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Always remember your primary goal and prioritize it. How could something seemingly so simple be so difficult? This past year, from acceptance to the writing of this blog post, has been jam packed with responsibilities, events and commitments that have all in some way or another challenged my ability to prioritize and focus on my goals. I figured now would be a good time to reflect on my year-long march towards the end-game, the primary reason I applied to Tuck in the first place: to become a consultant.

During the application process, there was significant temptation to skew my priorities. So what if my goal was to switch careers? All I need to do is get into Tuck, right? Shouldn’t that be on top of the list? I spent significant time thinking about how I should write my essays. What can I say to get me in? Luckily, two weeks into the drafting process, I had an epiphany: Tuck isn’t an end. Business school doesn’t guarantee me anything. Indeed, business school significantly improves my ability to achieve my goals, but in reality it is a stepping stone. After this realization, I “tore up” all my old essays (Deleted!) and started fresh with this new perspective. My essays genuinely reflected my goals, which no doubt was key to my acceptance. This soul-searching was also extremely beneficial: not only was I sincere in my essays, but I was reassured that Tuck was the school that was going to get me where I needed to go.

Fast forward to Fall A/B (there wasn’t much opportunity for me to do anything but strategize in the time between acceptance and attendance). Class. Homework. Recruiting. Networking. Hockey. Rugby. Eat. Sleep. Rinse. Repeat. Tuck can be an extremely challenging place because of the wealth of opportunities you’re given access to, which is a very good thing. Once again, prioritizing is KEY to success here. Keeping a singular focus is the difference between being overwhelmed and being successful. Through reminding myself on a daily basis not to lose focus (I wrote “Priority #1” on a whiteboard and attached it to my door), I was able to keep myself energized throughout the recruiting process and Fall A/B.

The Winter break has been a great opportunity for me to prepare for interviews (all on-campus interviews happen a couple of weeks into the Fall term). I’m more confident than ever that I’ll achieve a successful career transition. Tuck has played an extremely important role in the process, as I knew it would from the beginning. Whether you’re currently applying or already accepted, remember: always remember your goal and prioritize it. Everything else will fall into place.

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