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Questions from yesterday’s Weekly Wednesday Admissions Chat are included below:

Question: Could you shed some light on how the elevator pitch is analyzed by the Admissions Committee (since pitching to a VC or dream CEO is a completely different thing)?

Answer: Instead of asking for a 500-word essay on your long- and short-term goals, we ask you to be far more brief. This shows us that you’ve thought about your next steps post MBA. In writing the question, we wanted to be sure we gave entrepreneurs a way to show us their next steps as well.

Question: If there is a change in the terms of employment at our current organization, are we encouraged to e-mail these details to the AdCom? For instance, if there has been a significant change in compensation or additions to our roles and responsibilities.

Answer: You can definitely send an email to and we’ll add the information to your application.  Just remember, applications are being read now, so it may be that the info gets added in after being reviewed. With lots of apps coming in we really have to move them through the system.

Question: Any updates on interview invites for Round 2 applicants?

Answer: Interview invites are going out. We can invite for an interview all the way up to March 28th. I know the waiting can be difficult but I promise we are working through the applications as fast as we can. We want to be sure we are doing a good read and not missing anything.

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