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Our remaining Round 1 decisions were released last week, and we’ve received a number of questions from candidates who were placed on the waitlist.  For clarification on our waitlist policy this year, please read on.

  • Your name will remain on the waitlist until a final decision is made on your application or you request your application be withdrawn.
  • Waitlisted candidates (excluding those who withdraw) will be reconsidered for admission in subsequent rounds. 
  • Specifically, Round 1 applicants will receive an update on your application status by the Round 2 decision deadline of April 4, 2012.  Some candidates may be offered the option of remaining on the waitlist for consideration in Round 3.
  • Waitlisted candidates may send in updates to their application since the Round 1 deadline to wlmgr@anderson.ucla.eduThis is completely optional.
  • We ask that you use your personal judgment and discretion in submitting information that is relevant to your application.  Some examples include (but are not limited to): updated GMAT scores, promotions at work, and recent extracurricular accomplishments.
  • We cannot give individual feedback to waitlisted applicants.
  • Chances of being admitted off the waitlist are difficult to predict since the number of students admitted from the waitlist varies from year to year depending on the size/strength of the admit pool, number of admits who enroll, and other factors.

Before you rush to submit additional information to the waitlist manager, please keep in mind that:

  • Every interaction we have with you moving forward can be a data point on your file – make sure your interactions are targeted and value-added
  • This is the busiest time of year for most admissions offices
  • Quality of information/communication count more than quantity

As always, we appreciate your continued enthusiasm for UCLA Anderson and thank you for your patience as we craft the Class of 2014.

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