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There are more than a dozen Tuck alumni who have returned to Tuck as they continue their careers. We thought it would be interesting to get their unique perspective as both alumnus and leaders within the institution that helped shape and define their careers.

Rebecca Joffrey T’97 and Co-Director of the Career Development Office, had this to offer to candidates for the MBA program:

Q1: What advice would you give a student entering their first year at Tuck (i.e. what do you wish you’d known before matriculating)?

Career goals can be a great lens for navigating the Tuck experience. When I came to Tuck, I wanted to start a business – which I ultimately did. I used every class, networking opportunity, and project as a way to build up the company. The idea was related to direct marketing so I took a summer internship to gain skills in that area. What I have realized about Tuck after graduating is how powerful and far-reaching the Tuck network is. We talk about it all the time while you’re here but I found as a graduate it was a tool that could help me achieve any goal. I ultimately started two different businesses. In both, the Tuck network was critical to making the contacts that helped my businesses succeed.

Q2: What fuels your passion for Tuck or led to your return to the institution in your professional role?

My first business was an Internet application called The LookOut that allowed companies and universities to set up mentoring programs. The second, was a series of books called This Day: Diaries from American Women. Both of these businesses had a lot to do with careers. I became very curious about the choices people make and the paths they pursue – either intentionally or not. I wanted to help Tuck grads find clarity in their own paths and I have a specific interest in helping people understand that the value of an MBA goes far beyond the traditional job that many students pursue right out of business school.

Q3: What, in your opinion, distinguishes Tuck from other top MBA programs?

The way you can customize the experience while you’re here and once you leave. The entire Tuck community supports the individual goals of our students and alumni. You can’t do that in a school with 900 students.

Thanks Becky! More of Becky’s thoughts on the power of the Tuck network can be found here:

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