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Questions from today’s Weekly Wednesday Admissions Chat are included below:

Question: What is most important in student evaluation for admission?

Answer: We look at your application holistically.  That being said, it is important that your quantitative scores are competitive as they demonstrate to us your ability to succeed in business school. Your work experience and recommendations are also very important.

Question: Is the Executive MBA program online or full-time on campus?

Answer: The Executive MBA program is considered a full-time program, but it allows you to continue working full time while earning your MBA degree. It incorporates both online and on-Grounds learning. On average, you are required to spend one weekend (Thursday through Saturday) per month at Darden. The rest of the time is spent doing distance learning with your classmates and teammates in the evenings and on weekends.

Question: Does an international candidate get financial assistance?

Answer: We have an excellent international loan program. It changes from year to year as we work very diligently to get the best rates for our students. Our previous programs have not required a U.S. co-signer.

Question: Does the loan option depend on our GMAT score?

Answer: Loan options have nothing to do with your GMAT score.

Question: Does Darden have early admissions?

Answer: We do not do early admissions. Our Round 1 application deadline will probably be due again in mid-October.  The exact date will be posted on our website this summer.

Question: What sort of experience is required for your MBA?

Answer: We like to see 3-7 years of work experience for our full-time program.  The EMBA/GEMBA programs look for 7+ years of experience.

Question: I’m an international applicant. Could I still apply in the third round?

Answer: Anyone can still apply for Round 3; the deadline is April 4th.

Question: What is the average GMAT score last year?

Answer: The average GMAT for our full-time program last year was 701.

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