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By mbacrunch May 20, 2012 Leave a Comment is one of a number of high-profiled honor societies a business student may get invited to join along their academic path. It is prudent to know that not honor societies are made alike, and we will walk you through the pros and cons of joining Getting invited to join is a difficult endeavor to begin with, as a student must be either in the top percentage of their class to join, or nominated by the faculty and staff of their university. Here is a detailed breakdown of



This aspect of alone is very desirable. Listing that you are an member on your résumé may be the difference-maker in the HR team and grad school admissions board doing a double take on your profile. Standing out from the crowd is extremely hard these days, as anyone who has applied for an MBA program knows. Another major benefit, although usually overlooked, is the ability to make your HonorSociety profile show up in search engines. This is actually a big benefit for boosting your reputation, because every time someone searches for you– whether an employer, grad school, or even a potential date– your honor society membership and the positive connotations of its membership will show up front and center.



For a potential MBA applicant, the benefits of HonorSociety are supremely useful. Firstly, every member is entitled to 1 free lifetime access course on BenchPrep features a very interactive GMAT course which can be redeemed for free as an member. Next, HonorSociety’s access to gives business-minded students a one-up on the competition by allowing free access to all of their career guides, industry reviews and more. Vault’s Finance guide is popularly known as one of the best in the field, and definitely a great brush up before any finance interview or exam. Another great benefit is the access to’s entry level job postings. The positions available may be below your level, however, if already possess industry experience.


Final Review:

If you do get invited to join, join! It’s an immense honor and the numerous benefits it presents easily makes it worth the investment to join.

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