T’14 Ali B. hasn’t even stepped on-campus as a student yet and already he is building Tuck community with fellow (soon-to-be) first years. Here is a story Ali recently shared with us regarding a recent trip he took to Brazil…and the new Tuck friends be made along the way

Ever since I got accepted and attended Admitted Student Weekend, I have been looking forward to Tuck. I had, however, been looking forward even more—until I ended work last week—to traveling before arriving on campus later this summer.

As things would turn out, my first evening of my summer travel could very possibly be representative of the next two years of my life, as the first sit-down meal I had in Sao Paulo, Brazil was with local T14s and their significant others (and one who made it all the way, via an 8-hour scenic route, from Rio de Janeiro!). I had never met a single one of them before (and not all had met each other) and yet it was clear within the first 15 minutes that we would all get along well!
Switching between English and Portuguese—the latter interrupted by the gentle prodding of my fellow diners by one of their own—over a delicious Brazilian meal, our conversations ranged from technology consulting, strategy and entrepreneurship with a fellow engineer to finance and banking with a fellow banker, from how Tuck counts its international population (whether it was possible for Tuck and other schools to pad the statistics by double counting some of us) to the challenges of moving to a small town (we agreed Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and New York couldn’t hope to hold a candle to Hanover).
As at Admitted Student Weekend, an evening with relative strangers had turned into a fun night with new friends. If these evenings are any reflection of my next two years at Tuck and the people I will be interacting with, I cannot wait for August to arrive.

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