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We’re here! Zach (T’14) and I officially moved in Sachem Village this week.  We have been furiously unpacking the past few days trying to get the house in order before my mom and our kids get here tonight, but I figured I’d take a break to write a little something about this adorable little community we are now part of.

One of the things that drew us to Tuck was how family-friendly the program is compared to most other top schools. Part of that was the atmosphere and community at Sachem Village.  I had my heart set on living here from the beginning and am already so very glad that we are here.  Sachem is a community of about 250 homes located about a mile from Dartmouth campus.  It houses couples and families from Tuck as well as Dartmouth’s medical and engineering school and, I believe, some staff and faculty members.  It is surrounded by woods on three sides, and a large field on the other.  It has a community center with study rooms, a small kitchen, and a communal room; basketball and tennis courts; soccer fields; and a couple playscapes.

Most Tuckies are away on summer internships right now, but we’ve already met a few TPs (and their dogs) and a couple non-Tuck resident families. I can’t wait for my boys to get here so they can start making their new friends, too.

One of the trails behind Sachem.

Doggie playdate in the neighboring field.

Sachem community center

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