Tuck culture revolves around teamwork. My first teamwork experience here was…off-campus house hunting?

As you may have learned, Tuck offers a boarding program - approximately 190 first year students live in the dorm. While I understand dorm life is not for everyone, I pretty much set my mind on it as I felt strongly that boarding creates tight bond with classmates. Therefore I was quite disappointed to find out that I didn’t get drawn in the housing lottery - The demand way exceeded supply and, as a result, about 40 of us who applied didn’t get lucky.

Fortunately, I was in this with Tuckies! Knowing that the housing within desirable distance to school was limited, we immediately teamed up to search: One of us created a Google Doc to share housing leads, those living near Hanover volunteered to visit the housing options and report back, and many who had settled down went out of their way to refer and source housing for others who hadn’t found one. In this process, I felt the immense trust that everyone has in  their fellow Tuckies.  Everyone warmly welcomes other Tuckies to be his or her roommates even without meeting each other previously. The collaboration went a long way and it didn’t take long before almost everyone of us found our sweet place.

As for me, 10 of us decided to take a refurbished former fraternity house with 10 bedrooms. 10 Tuckies living in one house? Sound crazy? Perhaps. But what’s on my mind? How many do we need to form a tripod ice hockey team?

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