This is a meant to be a sort of sneak preview of how Round One works… as each of these steps gets closer to actually happening, we’ll provide more detail:

September 24 – Application deadline. 12 noon. There’s no official “early bird special” or reason to submit earlier than the deadline, as in we’re not reading applications now and our process isn’t “rolling”. However, the server will get backed up on the morning of the deadline and that will cause you stress. Although I hate to advertise this, we don’t actually turn off the system exactly at noon – if you’re in the process of submitting around that time, we will include you in that round.

October 17 and 24 – interview invitations will go out via email. This invitation will give you details about how to use the online interview scheduler which will go live the next day. We already know the planned locations for Round One: London, Paris, Dubai, Shanghai, Sao Paulo, Palo Alto, New York City and – always — on campus here in Boston. What we can’t promise is that there will be enough spots in hub cities for everyone to be accommodated – we make travel plans early and make our best guess as to what capacity will be needed in each location. For those of you choosing to come to Boston for your interview, there will actually be some formal programming on the interview days to help you get to know the school better.

On October 24, all candidates who are not moving forward to the interview stage will be released, which means that this is where the process ends for them and they can move on to other plans. Also on that date, some candidates will be invited to join the waitlist and may be invited to interview in Round 2. Everyone in that position will be directed to our Waitlist Manager who will provide more detail.

Last week in October through mid- November – interviews will be conducted.

December 12 – Round One decisions will go out at noon, Boston time to all interviewed candidates. Decisions may be yes, no or an invitation to join the waitlist. We use the waitlist quite aggressively in Round One since we can’t see Round Two applications until January. As stated above, our Waitlist Manager will be the contact point and will provide more detailed information.

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