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Three Columbia Business School faculty members have been recognized with Dean’s Prizes for Teaching Excellence in a core course for 2012:

Omar Besbes, assistant professor in the Decision, Risk, and Operations Division, teaches Analytics for Competitive Advantage and Operations Management in the MBA Program and Data-Driven Decision Making in Operations Management in the Doctoral Program. Besbes first taught at the School in 2010. His research focuses on decision making under model uncertainty with a focus on applications in dynamic pricing, revenue management, and service operations. His recent work develops effective data-driven pricing algorithms to operate in uncertain and changing environments.

Sheena Iyengar, the S. T. Lee Professor of Business in the Management Division, teaches Leadership and Organizational Change in the EMBA Program and Thinking Globally in both the EMBA and MBA Programs. Iyengar joined the School in 1998. Her research focuses on cultural, individual, and situational factors that influence people’s choice-making preferences and behaviors. She is the author of The Art of Choosing (Twelve Books/Hachette Book Group, 2010), which made the New York Times 2010 Best Business Book of the Year Shortlist.

Stephen P. Zeldes, the Benjamin Rosen Professor of Finance and Economics, teaches the core course Global Economic Environment II in the both the MBA and EMBA Programs, the Master Class Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Financial Services, and the Psychology and Economics of Consumer Finance in the MBA Program. Zeldes joined the School in 1996. His research focuses on applied issues in macroeconomics and finance, including Social Security reform, the determinants of household saving, participant behavior in and plan design of defined contribution pension plans, measurement of defined-benefit pension liabilities, the effects of government budget deficits, and the relationship between consumer spending and the stock market.

The annual core teaching award winners are chosen based on feedback from student evaluations and the Dean’s Office’s evaluation of the teaching quality of individual faculty members in terms of course content — rigor, relevance, and integration — and delivery.

The Dean’s Prizes for Teaching Excellence were established through a gift from George Wiegers ’61, who is the cofounder of Wiegers Capital Partners. Recognizing teaching excellence in three categories — core courses, elective courses, and by members of the adjunct faculty — the Dean’s Prizes are given to up to two professors in each category each year. The Dean’s Office also supplements the prizes in order to celebrate additional winners for their superlative performances in the classroom.

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