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Below are some questions from yesterday’s Weekly Wednesday Admissions Chat:

Question: Are the interviews blind?

Answer: Yes, our interviews are blind. The Admissions representative you interview with will not have read your application or seen your resume prior to the interview.

Question: Do you offer any application fee waivers?

Answer: We grant fee waivers to active duty military and veterans, as well as Teach for America applicants. We also grant a limited amount of fee waivers in the case of extreme financial hardship.  To request a fee waiver, you would need to email with your rationale.

Question: Could you please shed some light on the scholarship process?

Answer: With regards to scholarships, you’re automatically considered for the full range of scholarships when you submit your application. We offer 1/3, 1/2, and full-tuition scholarships, and they are extended to the most competitive applicants in the pool at that time.

Question:  How are learning teams formed?

Answer: Learning teams are assigned at the start of school by our Student Affairs team.  They take into account myriad factors, such as industry background, geography, gender, married/single, etc. You have the same learning team throughout your First Year, so you will work with them across classes and cases.

Question: How do the learning teams and case study methods transition into the Second Year?

Answer: Some learning teams will break off and continue in an ad hoc fashion in the 2nd year.  For example, three folks from a six-person learning team that are all pursuing finance may continue to meet in the Second Year.

Question: I have a question about GPA reporting from non-U.S. institutions. On the application it says to not convert my GPA to the U.S. 4.0 scale. I wonder how the Admissions committee can judge my undergraduate success if I don’t convert my GPA to a U.S. scale.

Answer: We do ask that you report your GPA; however, please don’t try to convert it to a 4.0 US scale, for example.  We receive applications from around the world each year and are familiar with various grading systems and scales. Just be sure to know what scale your university uses (e.g., 12-point, 4-point).

Question: Regarding the MBA exchange programs and Global opportunities while in college, what sort of advantage/exposure does it provide to a student over two year course. I have a few friends who recently graduated from Darden but I don’t remember they opted for any exchange program. Does it really make a difference?

Answer: It really is a personal decision.  Many folks didn’t have the opportunity to pursue an exchange program in their undergraduate program, so they take advantage of it while at Darden. You can go abroad for a term or semester and/or participate in our shorter 1-2 week Global Business Experiences.  It is a great educational, cultural, and recruiting opportunity.

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