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Every Wednesday at 12:30 p.m. (ET), Darden hosts a live chat with an Admissions committee member. Here are a few of the questions from today’s chat:

Question: Has Darden begun to send interview invitations for first round applicants?

Answer:  Yes, we have begun releasing interview invitations and they will continue to go out on a rolling basis.  You may receive an invite up until the decision release date, 19 December.

Question: Is the GRE evaluated differently than the GMAT?

Answer: We accept both tests as a valid predictor of your future success in our program.  They are formatted differently but give us a baseline as to your verbal and quantitative capacities.

Question: Do you evaluate the writing section of the tests or just the verbal and math sections?

Answer: Yes, we do evaluate the writing section; it provides us another source of comparison alongside the essays.

Question: After graduating I started my own business that I have been running successfully for the past 3 and a half years. How are entrepreneurs viewed? Also, how do you suggest tackling the letters of recommendation since I am the boss?

Answer: We love entrepreneurs!  We receive applications from many entrepreneurs each year, and with regard to recommendations, I suggest that you consider a colleague, partner, or vendor.  Past supervisors are another option.

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