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I think it’s accurate to say that most of us had never played ice hockey before Tuck, yet it’s a huge part of the culture here.  How can that be?  Well, you don’t have to know how to play  hockey–or even how to skate–to get in on this well-known league.  That’s the beauty of it.

Tripod hockey: a league for those who need their stick as a third leg.  This year there are 4 women’s teams, and 6+ (sorry not sure) men’s teams.  It’s a non-contact league, and friendly competitiveness is encouraged.  Falling is a given.  Tripod teams play other Tuck teams throughout the fall and winter seasons.  Male and female partners are welcome to come out too!  Every year, outgoing students sell their gear to the current students, so it’s affordable.  Rinks are all within 2miles of campus, so none of that driving for hours to get to a rink.

Me and another TP’14, warming up before a game. 
And here’s my team, the Slap Shot Stunnahs, victorious in the semi-finals last night!  (Please note the fan signs and the cheering section in the background).  We take on the Bone Bashers in the Championship round tomorrow… wish us luck!

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