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Question: I was wondering if there are going to be any other information sessions held in other cities in the next few months?

Answer: There are coffee chats hosted by our current students being held throughout December and early January.  Visit .  Aside from that, we’re actually just planning our early 2013 events, so check our website in mid-January.

Question: Are interview invite still going out for Round 1 applicants?

Answer: Actually two additional interviews were just added to my schedule, so invites are still going out.  I don’t want to overpromise, though.  The number of remaining invitations is likely to be very small.

Question: Do you have any guidance on how much technical language should be included in our resume?

Answer: I think it’s fine to perhaps list areas of technical expertise at the end of the resume, but I wouldn’t make job descriptions too technical.  I’d write them for the ”lay-person.”

Question: In the Education History section of the application, should I list study abroad experiences as additional institution entries separate from my undergrad entry?

Answer: If your grades from your study abroad experience are listed in your undergraduate transcript, there is no need to include a separate entry. There is a question in the Education History section in which you can indicate whether you pursued academic study outside the country from which your degree was earned.

Question: In the Activities section of the application, is there a limit to the number of activities you can list? Should I limit this list to only the professional associations and community activities that I have had high involvement with?

Answer: Our application provides space for providing information on 4 organizations and 3 hobbies or activities, so you will want to prioritize and list those most significant/meaningful to you.

Question: I’m a Round 2 applicant. I would like to know which aspects need to be highlighted in hobbies/interests/activities. Should it indicate team based/ individual achievements?

Answer: Both team & individual achievements are helpful.  And showing us a range of activities is valuable also (community, career, fun-sports etc.).

Question: I am deciding between a few different people to for my recommendations.  I have two supervisors who have agreed to write them for me, but I also have a client that I worked directly with, and I believe can also provide a lot of insight.  Do you think it is a negative to have a one of my recommendations come from a client, rather than two supervisors?

Answer: Using a client can be helpful in providing a different perspective.  However, I’d think about whether or not that client is able to speak to and evaluate the qualities we ask about. We do see recommendations from clients who sometimes express hesitency in commenting because they feel they don’t have a full picture of the candidate.

Question: I know the GMAT/GRE scores are good for up to 5 years but in some business schools they prefer a closer date during the application process.  Does Darden look for anything specific when it comes to test dates?

Answer: On test scores, we’re not all that picky.  As long as you’re within that 5 year period, you’re good.

Question: What type of funding opportunities does Darden have outside the scope of the G.I. Bill?

Answer: We have approximately 6 million dollars in scholarships to award each year.  There are also federal and private loans.  Beyond the very basics, I leave financial aid to the experts and suggest you email your questions to

If you missed this week’s session, be sure to join us next Wednesday at 12:30 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. ET for our live Q&A.

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