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As with all things in life there is a cost-benefit analysis of every decision. Today we are going to investigate joining It is worth joining? It is a scam? What are the pros and cons? We will try to answer all those questions and more now.



There are two main costs associated with joining. Number 1 is time and number 2 is money. Regarding #1, the time it takes to join and set up your profile is not very long. An ambitious individual can set up their membership and utilize the benefits they want within 15 minutes. Regarding #2, membership dues are always a sticky subject, but in reality the dues are more a practical need than anything else. All reputable honor societies have membership dues, and this is simply because it costs money to provide to benefits and membership services that organizations like provide. Ultimately, neither time nor membership dues should be considered high enough to preclude yourself from membership.



The main benefits of are two-fold as well. #1 is recognition. Getting inducted is not easy, and grad school committees and many HR professionals know this. Being able to say you belong to this honor society can make you stand out from the crowd. #2 is benefits. HonorSociety is generally known to offer the best perks of any honor society. In fact, they are currently ranked #1 in the perks category in the honor society reviews. The main benefits include access to career intelligence, free test prep for graduate school, a robust job listings board for members, and free foreign language courses. The main differentiation of from all of the other honor societies available to students in the multitude of perks and benefits at the student’s disposal.


So is it Worth it?

Ultimately, only you can answer that question. The reasons for joining can be different for every individual, so it may make more sense for some than others. There is no question however that is no scam. They are one of the leading college honor societies, and offer several verified member benefits that any college student would find useful.

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