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Question: For applicants, do you recommend scheduling class visits independently or in conjunction with an interview (if invited)?

Answer: If you are a Round 2 applicant, I would wait to see if you are invited for an interview. We do reserve class visits for interviewing applicants. For the most part, classes are on Mon-Thurs so if you are invited to interview, you can schedule a class visit along with your interview.

Question: I was in the middle of submitting my application for Round 2. However, one of my recommendations won’t be submitted until tomorrow. Is it okay to still submit my application today?

Answer: Please go ahead and submit your application. If your recommendation comes in tomorrow, that will be fine.

Question: Can you please expound upon the differences between a ”career track concentration” and a ”theme track concentration”?

Answer: Concentrations are relatively new to Darden. They provide students with a ”road map” of sorts as they determine what electives to take. They can also serve as a way for students to indicate to potential recruiters their area of focus. The faculty developed the concentrations based on what courses they believe will best prepare students for say a career in asset management.The career focused ones are more aligned with functional areas, whereas the theme concentrations are not as much.

Question: Is it possible to work with the faculty on their research? Would it be counted towards credits?

Answer: The students can work with faculty, generally more in the second year. Most often students help faculty write cases or work on a project for course credit through a field-based elective.

Question: I am currently in an MBA program abroad and will be graduating in 2013. Can I still submit an application for Darden’s MBA program or opt to pursue a concentration or certificate?

Answer: We do not accept transfer students. We also do not offer admittance to students who have earned an MBA from a U.S. school that is AACSB accredited. That being said, we do offer non-degree Executive Education courses that may be of interest. you can learn more on our website:

Question:  If I don’t apply for a dual degree upfront, can it be converted to the one (e.g. PhD) in the middle of the MBA?

Answer:  You may apply to select programs the first year of your MBA (including the PhD). However, please note that certain degree programs have strict timelines in which you may not be able to apply in your first year. You can contact the individual program coordinators listed on this page for more information.

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