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Wow, I haven’t posted since New Year’s — we’ve been so busy!

Last weekend we went up to Montreal on a big Tuck trip with about 200 students (visiting Montreal was on my #TuckBucketList).  It’s about a 3.5-hour drive so we carpooled with some friends after work on Friday and were home by Sunday afternoon.  On Saturday, the soccer team, Men’s A and B hockey teams, and Women’s all-star hockey team played “friendlies” against Concordia teams, then as you can imagine there were celebrations to follow Tuck’s multiple wins on Saturday night.  So much fun!

Then it was back to real life here in Hanover, and settling into Winter term and work after the holiday lull.  Recruiting is kicking off for students, so in addition to new classes, they’re quite busy.

I’ve been meaning to post about off-campus housing for a while now, since it’s a topic relevant to anyone moving here with a partner (dorm rooms are single-occupancy only), plus some single students elect or need to live off-campus anyway.

Don’t dismay!  There are plenty of off-campus housing options for you to choose from.  You’ve likely heard of Sachem Village — this is Dartmouth-owned graduate student housing located about 2 miles from Tuck’s campus (a straight shot down Main Street).  Will and I live in Sachem and we do honestly love it (despite the fact that we were initially searching for walking-distance properties only).  Sachem Village has about 250 units total (1, 2, and 3 bedrooms), so it’s a pretty big Dartmouth community.  While it is true that many Tuckies and TPs live there, it is also not the only option.

Two other options that are located within walking distance both to campus and downtown Hanover are Hanover Court and 24 School Street.  These properties are independently owned and as such are not exclusive to the Dartmouth/Tuck community (though many Tuckies do occupy them!)  24 School Street has 18 total units for rent, most of which are 2BRs (many couples rent 2BRs and set up the second bedroom as an office or workspace for their student).  7+ of these units are currently rented to T’13/TP’13s, so they’ll be opening up in time for members of the Class of 2015.  Just down the street is Hanover Court, which is comprised of 15 condo units for rent.  Six are currently rented to T’14/TP’14 couples and will likely not turnover for this coming academic year, however there will be at least 2 units that will open up this summer.

About 1.5miles away from Tuck’s campus are the Brook Hollow condominiums.  Brook Hollow has about 75 total units, ranging in size from 1-3BRs.  These units are independently owned and, like above, can be rented to Dartmouth folks, Tuckies, or members of the community with no affiliation to the school.  There’s even a public pool open to Brook Hollow residents during the summer months!  These units are quiet and private and easily accessible to Tuck’s campus.  Only downside is further proximity from popular grad student housing option Sachem Village.

Multiple T’13s and T’14s also live in Timberwood Commons (map), which also offers about 250 units to the general public.  Unit sizes available are studios, 1, and 2BRs.  Timberwood Commons is about 4.5 miles from Tuck’s campus, and units there come with covered parking.

Many students (both single students and students with partners/families) also rent independent homes and apartments in the area, both in and outside of Hanover (including just over the bridge in nearby Vermont towns like Norwich).  Some of these are advertised on the Dartmouth Real Estate site, others students find on Craigslist, through realtors, or word of mouth.  Generally, as you would expect, prices decrease the further you get from the Tuck and Dartmouth’s campuses.

There’ll be a panel on off-campus housing at Admitted Students Weekend (ASW), as well as many students willing to share their experiences, plus housing tours as well.

Feel free to comment or email me with questions!  Prospective partners, also feel free to visit our Tuck Partners facebook page with questions about housing or anything else.

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