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A Bridge To Latin America’s Footprint In The U.S.

Last week I traveled to Miami for Chicago Conversations – “Latin America’s Footprint in the U.S.” With over 100 attendees, the event was a huge success and showcased the energy and enthusiasm in the South Florida Booth alumni community.

The Miami panel came ready to share many different perspectives and viewpoints on Latin America’s influence on Miami’s economy. After an introduction by Michael J. Gibbs, Clinical Professor of Economics, and Faculty Director of Executive MBA Programs at Chicago Booth, the diverse panel continued the lively conversation on a variety of issues.  Panel participants included industry representation from global telecommunications, food, digital, banking, and residential real estate:  You can learn more about the panelist here

A few topics from the
panel discussion that grabbed me:

-Miami has always been the bridge between commerce in Latin American and the U.S., but it has seen exponential growth within the past ten years.  South Florida provides a jumping point for Latin American companies to enter our markets, and U.S. companies to explore Latin American opportunities. There is a nice blend of cultures to test out consumers and markets.

-With smart phone prices decreasing in Latin America, more and more of its population now have access to mobile technology, which has led to growth in social media activity and handheld banking. 

-With the growth of residential construction in Miami, it’s provided those in Latin America looking for more stability to move to the U.S. And with real estate actually being cheaper in South Florida than many parts of Latin America, more cash has been provided upfront from buyers when making home purchases. With the exception of Brazil, 1% of most Latin American countries live in Miami, creating a vibrant, dense melting pot.  And this density, consistently leads to more growth and opportunity in other industries. 

-Infrastructure growth in South Florida within the next ten years will lead to big change and open many doors for Latin American expansion in the U.S. The port is already a success, but with the widening of the Panama Canal and a train between Miami and Orlando, you will likely see even more industry and mobility.

If you follow this blog, you know that I travel to most Chicago Conversations. These events are a great way for prospective applicants to get to know Chicago Booth beyond the traditional admissions events. Chicago Conversations provide an opportunity for open debate and discussion on industry-specific topics in the cities where they thrive. Not
only can you expect to network with Alumni at these open events, but
also representatives from Career Services, Full-time, Evening, Weekend,
and Executive Admissions, Alumni and Development, and Faculty.  What a
fantastic setting to get your questions answered!

Our next two Chicago Conversations will be held on January 24th in New York  on E-Commerce, and in San Francisco on Social Enterprise.  I hope that you will consider attending one of these events to learn more about Booth and our vibrant alumni community!


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