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I could write a post a week about all the fun exciting things going on at Tuck.  But in addition to all the Tuck love going on in the Hanover area, I think there’s something really special about this location: tucked away just enough that we can enjoy each other, these landscapes, and new experiences in a way that feels different than it would in any other place.  At least for us, being up here in New Hampshire has really enhanced our Tuck experience so far.

Will and I love visiting local shops, finding new trails and backdrops to appreciate, exploring the area, and happening upon new spots that we’d never find on a map.  Last weekend we were needing some “us” time and a breather from interview prep (it’s recruiting season, have I mentioned?)  So we found a little adventure for ourselves up near the White Mountains.  We went dogsledding Sunday morning:

  Belly rubs

I’m an animal lover, so needless to say this made my weekend.  It felt like something we never would have dreamt of doing if we didn’t live up here.  The fresh winter air and just that part of the morning doing something together was the perfect refresher for a portion of the school year that is not without stress (for both the students and their partners/families). 

Next weekend is Tuck’s winter formal out near Killington (some will ski during the day, but all will dance that night!)  I’m looking forward to the time with friends and Will; to savoring the moment before it’s gone too soon!

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