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Question: I was wondering how long after one interviews can they expect to hear a decision?  I know some schools give rolling decisions, while others provide decisions at an established date.  Could you kindly provide some insight here?

Answer: We have a specific date to release our decisions.  For Round 2 that date is 20 March.  All the decisions will be released together.

Question: I know some invitations for interviews have been sent at different times to different countries. I was wondering if the invitations to Mexico have been sent already.

Answer: We don’t send invitations by country.  Those of us on the Admissions Committee read files in no particular order; they are randomly sent to us and include both domestic and international applications.  Hence, the interview requests are also sent out in no particular order.

Question: Is the Global Business Experience required as part of the curriculum?

Answer: No, it is not. For students interested in participating, they have the opportunity to sign-up for their top three choices.  First Years are not always given their top choice, but generally one of their three.  The expenses of the GBE can be added on to your financial aid package.

Question: I learned that some candidates from Round 1 were offered the EMBA format instead of the regular MBA. What are the chances of international candidates being moved to the EMBA application pool?

Answer: Moving students to the EMBA format is generally something we can only do with domestic students as the program requires once-a-month, on-Grounds residencies.  We are trying to gauge the fit of each student for each format.  The Executive MBA program requires a minimum of 6+ years of experience.  For an international candidate, if he or she meets that minimum and seems a better fit for our Global Executive MBA, we may recommend interviewing for that program.

Question: Could you please clarify whether the candidate is allowed to choose between the full-time MBA and the GEMBA?

Answer: If you apply to the full-time MBA and are told you are being interviewed for only the GEMBA, you can tell us you are only interested in the MBA on-Grounds program.  We will respect your decision and then make our decision after assessing your fit for the full-time MBA.

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