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One thing I didn’t fully expect before I came was the unique edge you have at Tuck to land a Wall Street job. Well, I sort of figured but having the first-hand experience going through the banking summer internship recruiting process still blew my mind – the support from alumni and collaboration among classmates simply made my life so much easier. Plus, the small class size definitely played in our favor.

For those interested in investment banking but not yet familiar with the banking MBA recruiting process, the Tuck Finance Club website offered some good information.(

To be fair, the process is time consuming and stressful. For most of us, it involves numerous travels to New York, repeating the same self-introduction to strangers for hundreds of times, following up with a long list of contacts, and managing peer pressure. However, the process at Tuck can be a bit easier and even enjoyable to some extent because of the unparalleled support we receive from alumni. Thanks to the small class size and relatively large number of alumni on Wall Street, each of us received very personal attention from alumni at each firm we recruited for – the recruiting team at every firm can pretty much remember the name and background of each of us. Still, the Tuck alumni go way beyond just making themselves accessible for questions and grabbing coffee – they team up with us, dedicate their time and resources to preparing each of us for the informational and final interviews, go out of their way to make sure we meet the right people and have meaningful conversations with these people, and fight along with us in the group placement process. One example in my case was before my Superday interview with one firm.  Four alumni who interviewed me in the first round on campus each offered a prepping session with me to go through my answers and offered their suggestions. In the end, they all ended the conversation with a sincere encouragement “You will do great. Relax and see you next week”. I often ran into applicants from peer business schools who told me how jealous they were about how helpful our alumni are.

Besides the teamwork with alumni, the collaboration among classmates and support from the 2nd year students are the other amazing thing at Tuck. It’s true that we compete with each other for the same jobs but the spirit among us was very much “we are in this together”. On one hand, we shared a lot of the resources. A classmate started circulating a document of all the contacts at each bank shortly after the kick-off presentations. People who visited a firm first shared notes about that firm and we exchanged intelligence along the way. My favorite part was to share ride to New York with classmates recruiting for banking. Driving from Hanover to New York takes about four hours but I had a great deal of fun getting to know those that shared the ride with me. On the other hand, we really helped each other out in conducting mock interviews. I had a finance background before Tuck so I helped my classmates improve on answering technical questions. In return, I received a ton of valuable advice from my classmates and the 2nd year students on how to improve on my behavioral interview skills. I was amazed by how unselfish my classmates are – people were generous about providing candid feedback and genuine advice. The 2nd year students, no matter how busy they were, always made time for us to do mock interviews.

Reflecting on my investment banking recruiting process, I am deeply grateful for the Tuck alumni and community, which dedicated so much time and resources to making my recruiting process a great experience and helping me land great summer offers. As we are getting really excited about the prospect of T’15s joining our community, I believe my peer T’14s are also getting ready to commit ourselves to helping T’15s land their dream jobs on the Wall Street or any other field they want to get into - as we pass the Tuck tradition of helping each other along.

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