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QuestionCan you tell us about the global curriculum at Darden?

Answer:  Global Economies and Markets is actually a part of the core curriculum of Darden, so all students are exposed to it in their First Year. In addition, approximately 1/3 of our student body is international, so the global perspective is well-represented in the case method classroom. Aside from the core, you’ll find various opportunities to take advantage of exchange programs or Global Business Experiences. Visit our Global Opportunities page for more information.

Question: I’ve noticed that a number of business schools have begun to incorporate a socially focused track into their curriculum. I was interested in information about classes particularly focused on social entrepreneurship and nonprofit management.

Answer: We have a variety of classes on social responsibility. We’re actually the No. 2 b-school in ethics and have a research center completely dedicated to ethics. Give me a moment to pull up additional information.  There are several electives related to social responsibility. EthicsSustainabilityEnergy and Social Enterprise. Here’s a good video on careers for change.

Question: Is there a specific track for individuals interested in investing in social ventures?

AnswerWe offer concentration/track options, but they are not mandatory. Many students interested in careers in social responsibility can pick and choose which classes they take at Darden and across UVa. Here are our concentration options if you are interested in exploring them.

Question: I have a quick question about the MBA Executive program. Is there a requirement to have a specific amount of business experience?

Answer: We don’t have any hard requirements in terms of years of experience for the Executive MBA formats, but the range tends to be 7+ years. I recommend emailing We’d be happy to take a look at your professional background and discuss if the Exec MBA would be a good fit for you.

Question: What exactly does the Darden MBA interview attempt to evaluate? I know you’re looking for fit, but how do you define fit?

Answer: We really want to learn who you are as a person. Our curriculum relies heavily on teamwork within learning teams and contribution to case method discussions. We want to get a sense of how you will fit into Darden’s collaborative environment.

Question: What percentage of interview invites have gone out?  I would assume that most, if not all interview invites have been sent

Answer: The majority of interview invites have gone out. However, we are still in the midst of reading applications and interviewing applicants, so the number of invitations is not final yet. We will continue to invite students to interview until our decision release date on 20 March.

QuestionSince submitting my application, I have obtained a significant achievement at my job. Shall I make Adcom aware of this update at this stage?

Answer: Go ahead and send that information to Our account managers will make sure it is included in your file.

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