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As Darden’s third and final deadline for the full-time MBA format approaches, we would like to answer a few common questions about the Round 3 deadline:

Question: Are international students eligible to apply in Round 3?

Darden welcomes all international and domestic students to apply to Darden in all three rounds. Round 3 decisions are released on 8 May, giving international students ample time to prepare for their move to the United States.

Question: Are there any spots left in the class for Round 3 applicants?

While Round 3 admission is more competitive than Rounds 1 and 2, we always reserve spots in the class for Round 3 applicants. If you are not admitted in Round 3, you can always schedule a feedback appointment in June to find ways to improve your application, and then reapply next year.

Question: If I apply in Round 3, will the Admissions committee assume that I’m not really interested in Darden?

The Admissions committee understands that there are unexpected circumstances that come up in life. If you have a compelling reason that explains why you decided to apply in Round 3 (rather than earlier in the year), feel free to tell us in the “Additional Comments” section of the application (but keep it short — you shouldn’t write more than a few sentences explaining your situation).

The Round 3 deadline is on 28 March. We look forward to reading your application!

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