Although the weather might indicate otherwise, we’re actually moving toward the end of the school year here and looking forward to summer.

Here’s what happens in the world of MBA Admissions:

Last class visit is on April 30. We don’t have any summer classes so there’s nothing to see!

Information sessions: The schedule changes to Mondays and Fridays at 2:00 pm Boston time beginning May 10. No advance notice required. All of our sessions are conducted by members of the Admissions Board with plenty of time for QA. We do not meet individually with candidates. Please check out our calendar for dates and locations of the information sessions.

Campus tours: Beginning on May 10, we’ll host tours at 1:00 pm Boston time on Mondays and Fridays. Again, no advance notice required – report to Dillon House.

We’ll be hosting various types of presentations about HBS this summer, including student panels – watch the website for our schedule.

We’ll be launching the application for the Class of 2016 at the end of May. Here’s some advance info: The Round 1 deadline will be September 16. For 2+2 candidates only (rising college seniors), there will be a Summer Round with an application deadline of July 15.

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