Jyot, a second year student from Los Angeles, graduated from
the University of California, Berkeley with a dual degree in Industrial
Engineering and Political Science/Government.  Upon graduation, he joined one of his
professors and a PhD student to start a company that provides operational
consulting for bio-pharmaceutical firms. 
Jyot left that venture to help his father’s aerospace manufacturing

very significant part of Jyot’s life, before entering business school, was
starting the Los Angeles chapter of a non-profit called New Leaders Council.
NLC trains young professionals in civic leadership.

After HBS graduation, Jyot hopes to learn Spanish abroad,
and then move to San Francisco in September to join Bain Company.

READING: A few weeks ago, after a late night, three- hour
conversation about life with a classmate, I found a box from Amazon in front of
my door; The Alchemist was inside. I
loved it and highlighted the hell out of it!

EATING: My section mates make fun of me for eating
hardboiled eggs all the time. Other than that, I like the omelets in Spangler
made by Filipe, who knows exactly what everyone wants. The rest of the day       I dive into Spangler’s huge salad bar.

PLANNING: My favorite planning is around small group
dinners. A few trips are also in the works, but recently, I have been strategizing
for an eventual return to California. Should I buy or rent? What routines
should I keep from my days at HBS and what new routines should I establish to
serve me at Bain?

DREAMING: I had a fantasy about who I was before I got here.
HBS has given me time
to build my basics: learn how to learn, figure out what I’m strong and weak in,
understand what it feels like when I’m really enjoying my work, but also figure
out what in life really gets under my skin. These two years have really helped
me shred the fantasy of what motivated me and who I thought I was before
business school. Now my dreams feel more in line with what I really want – a
strong family, a daily routine that allows me to maintain my health, a job in
which I am aligning people behind a difficult project that fulfills a real need
I can connect with, a position in a non-private sector organization that
focuses on improving an aspect of U.S. economic competitiveness (probably
around the subject of technical education), and a network of business and
political leaders whom I can work on initiatives with to lessen the suffering
of others.

found the application process for business school arduous, lonely, and
wonderful. It forced me to put into words how everything I had done previously
fit together. It profoundly impacted my identity. If I hadn’t had the
application process as the excuse to escape from social invitations and other
distractions to really consider this, I would never have had that experience. I
wish that for everyone applying.

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