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Earlier this year, the Executive Board of the Graduate Business Association created the GBA Commendations to publicly praise fellow students, faculty members, and staff members for outstanding contributions to the Columbia Business School community. Recently, the board recognized the first five recipients: Nayla Bahri, assistant dean, MBA program, and dean of students; Alex Lopez of Columbia University Facilities; and three students, Sam Wollner ’14, Sarah Shen ’14, and Roya Weiner ’13.

The Executive Board chose Bahri for her leadership during a difficult time, as the School dealt with the sudden deaths of two first-year students this semester. “She is one of the cornerstones of our community,” said Braxton Bragg ’13, the GBA president, “and we wanted to thank her for dedicating herself so fully to her job and for constantly going above and beyond the call of duty.”

Meanwhile, Wollner and Shen were praised for their work as cluster chairs during that same difficult period. And Weiner, a second-year student, was honored for planning a number of innovative events during the year.

The GBA said Lopez was being recognized for his helpful nature and the infectious smile he brings to the Business School. “Alex is someone who, day in and day out, makes the School a better place through his hard work and phenomenal attitude,” said Bragg.

Future GBA Commendations will be awarded at least once a semester and at times more often, when the Executive Board deems it’s warranted.

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