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Admissions recruiting season is upon us. A
time when we circle the globe to meet the best and brightest; people who can
make an impact within our vibrant worldwide community. We have planned our journey
to allow us to get to know top talent from around the world and to continually
bring diverse perspectives into the classroom. From Europe to Latin America to
Asia and all over the United States, we are eager to meet you and discuss what
interests you about Booth.

In each city
we visit
, you will find our admissions directors will be there with a
unique and engaging approach to our information sessions, in an effort to get
to know you.  We want to know why you are
interested in Chicago Booth. What is it about our program, community, faculty,
students or city that entices you to take time out of your busy life to attend
our events, meet with our admissions team, engage with our alumni and start
your journey on the MBA path?

We are a school that is never satisfied
with the status quo; one that encourages students to challenge ideas and ask
tough questions. While the destination post-MBA is important, the journey you
take to get to that destination is the most meaningful. “Why Booth?” is an important question for you
to ask yourself before you join us at one of our upcoming
this year. Answering this question will help you more clearly define
what is important to you in an MBA program. And, knowing your past experiences
shape your perspectives, we challenge you to think about your MBA path in terms
of fit. Which program will help you reach your goals and allow you the opportunity
to get out of your comfort zone?

I started my journey with the Office of
Admissions at Booth just a few months ago. Having a background in marketing I
knew that I wanted to do more with my career. I wanted the opportunity to
strengthen a global brand and travel the world in search of top talent. I like
to be challenged. Chicago Booth is an amazing world filled with brilliant
minds. When I thought about where I saw myself within the higher education
industry, Chicago Booth offered me exactly what I was looking for as a next
step. So, when someone asks me “why Booth? I tell them it’s because I will
always have the opportunity to grow and stretch in an environment that pushes me to challenge everything.

We invite you to follow our journey
around the world at
@Booth_Insider  on Twitter using #WhyBooth.  I look forward to
meeting you in your city!

All the best,





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