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Based on our previous posts about (MBA Review of & Is Worth it?), some readers have asked us whether the honors organization is legitimate or a scam. We found this question to be a bit of a surprise given the positive experience some MBA readers have reported having with during their undergraduate time. Below our staff objectively reviews the legitimacy, safety, and offerings of the honor society.


Safety passes the Google Safebrowing, Website Antivirus, and Norton Safeweb tests. The sites connection is also SSL encrypted meaning that your data is passed safely. In terms of third party verification, the website is McAfee Secure and a VeraSafe Trusted Site. The website is independently reviewed and monitored. There does not seem to be any safety concerns associated with using


Value Proposition

In order to properly judge whether the organization is legit or a scam, we thought it would be best to analyze how the society’s value matches up to their claims. The three main benefits listed on the site are: recognition, tools to succeed, and exclusive benefits. Each aspect is analyzed below.


National Recognition is a well-known and established organization. They have over 45,000 Facebook fans and members all across the nation. It may be a stretch for them to be “THE” preeminent honors organization as there as many other reputable honor societies out there as well. would be perhaps better described as “One of the” preeminent honors organizations.


Tools for Success

In terms of providing tools for success, has some concrete offerings. Firstly, being a member and putting it on your resume helps you stand out. When recruiters look at resumes you only really have a few seconds to prove your value, so having honors and awards succinctly help you state your case. Further, the society also offers members scholarships and access to useful education materials, such as job postings, career/industry guides, and test prep courses. All of these are via partnerships with established companies such as Vault, BenchPrep, and GradSpring. Those are all reputable companies that specialize in their respective fields. Of course, could offer even more tools for success, but given the nominal price of the society the value of these tools are worthwhile.


Member Benefits
These are the perks and discounts that come with joining the society. They seem to have numerous offers available from free foreign language courses to discounts off of greek gear, travel guides and even flowers. There do seem to be a healthy amount of discounts in relevant areas for students, but it would be great if they could even offer more. Given the nominal price, there may be a realistic limit to what they are able to offer.


Final Thoughts - While each individual may come to a different conclusion based off of their own preferences, it’s clear enough that is a safe and legitimate organization, and not a scam. Whether it’s worth the money is a whole different topic and one that you have to consider individually, but by no means is the organization fake, a hoax or a rip-off. Members have told us that having the honor society on their resume made a big difference, and in terms of benefits the society’s offerings are substantiated externally. They are a real organization and offer real benefits.

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