I think there’s some confusion out there about these categories so here’s an attempt at getting inside our glossary of terms:

    • Further Consideration (FC): We’ve reviewed your written application and have decided to neither move you forward to interview nor deny at this time. One reason is that we have a finite number of interview spots we can offer and still keep to our promised December 11 notification date. The other is that we can’t see Round 2 applications before we need to make final Round 1 decisions – December 11 is the Round 1 notification date and the Round 2 application deadline is January 6. So we’d like to hold on to you and further consider your application in Round 2. We anticipate being able to interview a meaningful number of those FCs in February/March. Once in the interview group, these candidates have the same chances of being admitted as any other interviewee – somewhere between 50% and 60%.
    • Waitlist: No one is on the waitlist at this moment. After all interviews in Round 1 are completed, on December 11 candidates (all of whom have been interviewed) will receive one of the following three decisions: “Yes, No or Waitlist. Waitlisters will receive periodic updates and be able to contact a designated Dillon staff member. We know it’s not what you planned for, but the waitlist is an active category and every year we admit in the range of 50-75 waitlisters into the class.

So…the lingo we use is FC and Waitlist. We don’t use the term Deferred – adding another term would just confuse us!

It is highly unlikely that a candidate would be FC’d in Round 1, interviewed in Round 2, and then placed on the Waitlist in Round 2. Sort of an Endless Application Season. Yikes.

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