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As you know, this week we are releasing interview invitations from Monday, Oct. 28 – Friday, Nov. 1. For those of you invited to interview, you will have five options to complete the interview. We know that meeting members of the Chicago Booth community is important to you, and your interviewers are extremely excited to get to know you, and share with you their #WhyBooth

Interview options are:

Chicago, Nov. 6-23: At the Harper Center, you’ll have the opportunity to visit a live class, as well as hang out with our current students over lunch. Second year students conduct admissions interviews on campus. If you’ve never been to Chicago, it’s a great time to explore Booth and our great city! Envision yourself as a student while taking a tour of our building, and imagine where the next two years at Booth could potentially have in store for you. Discover our great city and its people, and experience the fit that is so incredibly unique to Chicago Booth.   
London, Saturday, Nov. 16: Our London campus is the perfect backdrop to another amazing city in which Chicago Booth has a strong presence.  We will have two Admissions team members there to help host you, but it will be the alumni who live and work in London who will conduct your interviews. Stay awhile and mingle over a fun lunch, or stick around all day if your schedule allows – you’ll definitely walk away feeling more informed about the alumni community in the UK.  
Shanghai, Saturday, Nov. 23: A 2002 alumnus and partner at Bain and Company will welcome applicants and alumni to Bain offices in Shanghai. Join staff and alumni for lunch before or after you complete your admissions interview.  If you are from cities across China and Asia, we hope you will join us in Shanghai.

Sao Paulo, Saturday, Nov. 23:  Ever wonder what a TV production studio is like? A 2002 Chicago Booth alumnus opens the doors to ContentE for applicants and alumni. Don’t worry, you won’t be on TV, but you will have a fun day full of exciting conversation, and great food!  Staff from Full Time Admissions will be available to answer any questions you may have.  
Your City, Nov. 4 – 23: Lastly, we understand that you may not have the flexibility to travel to one of the cities listed above. Booth offers the opportunity to interview in your local area with a member of the Chicago Booth alumni community. Our team will connect you with an alumnus/a close by and you will then communicate with each other to determine the best time and local location to meet. Please keep in mind that you are also welcome to interview outside of your residential city if you are located somewhere else for a consulting project, on vacation, or business trip for example.

No matter where you interview or with whom, you are not at an advantage or disadvantage in the admissions process. What does give you an advantage for your own personal benefit, is determining if you’d find value in visiting one of our larger interview locations to be better immersed within the Chicago community.

Staff, students and alumni look forward to meeting you soon. Don’t forget – be yourself, and keep it real.

Stay tuned next week for more interviewing tips!

Best of Luck,

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