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Happy New Year! (sorry it's a little belated).  We've been immersed in reading files since the Round 2 deadline, but I thought it would be good to resurface and provide an update on the application season thus far.

As you may know, our Round 1 decision release is in less than a week (January 28th) and we're in the process of finalizing decisions on applications from that round (aside from ones already notified in our December release).  We've completed all Round 1 interviews at this point.  You will see your decision in ApplyYourself on the 28th, and those who are admitted will receive a phone call that day as well.  I know the wait can be agonizing, but hang in there for just a few more days!

Round 2 interview invitations have been going out since the application deadline earlier this month and will continue to be sent over the next several weeks.  We plan to interview most candidates through the end of February, though some may spill over through mid-March.  If you're invited for an interview, don't forget to read our interview tips on our website and blog to help you prepare.

Now it's time to get back to those files.  Have a great weekend, and let us know if there's anything we can help with!

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