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Tomorrow, January 29th, we will send out the first of two waves of interview invitations. We hope this will be at 12:00 noon Boston time and they will arrive as an email from Harvard Business School. Interview invitations contain detailed information about locations and the process for signing up for an interview.

We will send many, but not all invitations tomorrow. The second wave will go out on February 5th. At that time we will also send releases to candidates who are not being invited to interview. There will also be a small number of candidates we would like to further consider in Round 3.

All 2+2 interview decisions will be sent on February 5.

I’m aware of all the speculation about how many invitations go out in each wave and if certain geographies or backgrounds are more likely to go out in the first vs. second wave. How we split up these waves varies from year to year and to avoid a lot of algorithms being built out there by those with far more sophisticated quant skills than we possess in Dillon, I’d rather just leave it at many and some. I can assure you that geography and background have nothing to do with the waves – it’s all about human beings here in Dillon reading a lot of applications thoroughly. We devote a great amount of effort to finding the right balance between minimizing your wait-time and maximizing the care and attention we give to each application. We are not running your applications through any kind of machine – we’re reading them. And reading again.

If you don’t receive an invitation on January 29th, please don’t send in additional materials or letters of support. I understand the impulse, but please don’t.

And, as always, I really do understand that waiting is hard.

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