Here’s what our plan is for tomorrow, October 8:

At 12:00 noon ET, we will send interview invitations via email to roughly 800 Round 1 applicants. The email will contain detailed instructions on the scheduling process.

On October 15, we will extend about 150 additional invitations. On that date we will also notify another group of applicants that we wish to further consider their applications in Round 2. Again, the email will provide information about the timetable and communication plan for this group. We anticipate that there will be ~200 applicants in this group.

Please don’t speculate about the difference between receiving the interview invitation on October 8 vs. the 15th. It’s not about you. It’s about us and how we set internal deadlines for applications to be read.

Important: 2+2 candidates will be invited to interview in the October 15 wave. There will be no news for 2+2ers on October 8.

October 15 is also the date on which we will release candidates who are not moving forward in our process. We hope that by doing this early, we are enabling this group to pursue other options sooner vs. later.

And now, a request: Please don’t send any additional materials or letters of support. We’ve designed an evaluation process that we believe is as thorough and fair as we can make it. It’s not perfect, but it certainly is a process to which we dedicate a tremendous amount of care and concern.

Finally, I don’t think I’ve said this yet: Thank you to all Round 1 applicants. You met quite an early deadline! The buzz around Dillon House these past few weeks has been: Wow, this is a strong group – really strong. We’re impressed and pleased and proud that HBS is the place you’d like to be. The vast majority of you are very well-qualified to be students and these decisions are tough. We’re doing it the old-fashioned way – one application at a time – and wish we could say yes to so many more.

Back to work.

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