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Nancy MiltonHappy New Year! Darden is proud to celebrate 50 years of women in Darden’s MBA program. This month, we are featuring one female student from each decade since 1965 — the year the first woman graduated from Darden.

The original article appears in the Winter 2015 issue of The Darden Report magazine. We encourage you to use this as a launching point to learn more about how Darden alumnae are making an impact in business and changing the world.

Nancy Milton — First Female Student Reflects on her Darden Days

This past spring, Nancy Milton’s classmates encouraged her to return to Grounds for induction into the Abbott Society to celebrate their 50th reunion milestone. Although she spent only one year at Darden, she received a standing ovation when she joined her Class of 1964 classmates on stage for the ceremony.

Dean Charles Abbott was the person who convinced Milton to apply to Darden as the first female student. She interviewed at the University after having been discouraged by a senior Louisville banker, who informed her that even though she was completing an economics degree at the University of Louisville, she would “never be considered for a serious position in banking in the South,” she said. She was accepted into the Darden MBA program in 1962.

Read Nancy’s entire story in the latest issue of The Darden Report.

To learn more about the resources and opportunities Darden provides, check out the Women at Darden page on our website.

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