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Continuing our series celebrating 50 years of women at Darden, this week we’re featuring the story of Mala Bawer (MBA ’79), co-founder and director of Cybersmart! Education. An excerpt from the original article can be found below:

Mala Bawer — Want Peace? Teach Net Ethics Worldwide

Mala Bawer

Mala Bawer (MBA ’79) with her son.

In 2011, the Ministry of Information and Communications (formerly ictQATAR) in Qatar enlisted Mala Bawer’s (MBA ’79) help to develop a multimedia digital learning program for their country.

A seasoned digital education expert, Bawer knew she was up for the challenge. After Darden, she worked for several media companies devoted to initial Internet exploration, where she anticipated the future need for digital literacy. “Schools needed to be prepared, and they were not. That was very clear to me,” she said.

Read Mala’s entire story in the Winter 2015 issue of the Darden Report.

To learn more about resources and opportunities Darden provides, check out the Women at Darden page on our website.

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