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Several members of the Darden community are in Europe for a series of exciting events that kick off this weekend. This Saturday, 12 September, Darden will host the Paris Leadership Forum. Dean Scott C. Beardsley will be joined by Darden alumni and the Global MBA for Executives Class of 2016 to spend a weekend exploring multinational companies, celebrating Darden and getting to know one another.

Once the weekend ends, the GEMBA class will complete its fourth international residency. The GEMBA format includes six of two-week residencies throughout the program — in addition to distance learning classes – and during these residencies students travel to places like Brazil, China, India and Europe. In this particular residency, they will spend eight days in Paris and six days in Berlin, Germany, to immerse themselves in the business culture in these cities. You can find out more about the GEMBA residencies here.

After the Leadership Forum, Darden’s faculty and staff look forward to meeting prospective students throughout Europe. This year, we are attending multi-school events in Paris (17 September), London (16 September) and Madrid (15 September), as well as the MBA2U fair in Brussels (19 September). These events are a wonderful opportunity to learn more about US business schools and the admissions process itself, as well as a chance to connect with admissions committee members from Darden and other top business schools. We hope to see you there!

If you cannot attend these multi-school events, there are a few other opportunities to meet Darden faculty members for coffee while they are abroad. You are welcome to join Dean Beardsley, Peter Rodriguez, Senior Associate Dean for Degree Programs, and Marc Johnson, Executive Director for Global Affairs, for coffee and conversation on Monday, 14 September, at 8 pm in Geneva. Sara Neher, Darden’s Admissions Dean, will also be available for coffee chats on Monday, 14 September in Paris, and Thursday, 17 September in London. Please email if you would like to set up a time to meet with Sara, or you would like to attend the Geneva coffee event.

We always look forward to these opportunities to share the Darden experience, and hope to meet many of you next week!

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