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I could feel the buzz from the moment I stepped in the front doors of the Harper Center. It was some combination of curiosity, passion and comradery – and it was everywhere.  And, as I stepped foot into the admissions office, I found it there as well. The admissions office was exactly the environment I’d been seeking, a team of driven and extraordinarily welcoming individuals working on providing prospective students and applicants with the best experience possible – and having fun while doing so!

Since starting my role with Chicago Booth Full-Time MBA Admissions in September, each interaction, with both students and staff, has served as proof of the ideals that stand behind the school. Coming from an undergraduate experience where students were extraordinarily passionate about their university, I was skeptical of finding that sense of pride in another institution. I can absolutely say that the same deep passion and excitement is here at Booth.

In my role as the Assistant Director of Admissions Outreach I am given the opportunity to help express these aspects of Booth to prospective students. I work planning informational events in cities across the globe to help prospective students learn about the Booth experience, and connect them with alumni and current students. It hardly seems like work most days, as Booth’s “pay-it-forward” culture speaks strongly for itself.  As we develop global outreach plans, we are overwhelmed by eager alumni and current students across the world who are volunteering to tell their Booth story. Students feel so passionately about the institution that they constantly seek out ways in which they can extend the Booth experience. It is a passion that makes me even more excited to build a Booth experience of my own.

In my first month at Booth I have found something extraordinary. I look forward to each day for both the opportunities it provides to widen my Booth perspective and the ability to share that with you on this blog!


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