Coming round the home stretch here and I imagine some of you
are still trying to decide whether to apply to HBS in Round 3 or not.

Before I begin my on the one hand, on the other
hand lecture, let me be clear:

If you are a college senior who has the bandwidth to
complete an application, I think that you should.  


I can’t think of the downside risk. Well, actually I can
think of a couple:  it would be sad to
miss out on the last few weeks of college life in order to be prepping for the
GMAT or GRE. It would be even sadder if
you jeopardize your performance academically (senior thesis anyone?) in order
to get an application in under the deadline.     

Otherwise, I think that applying to 2+2 is a very smart
move. It’s even economical (reduced application fee)!  The worst that can happen is that you get
turned down to the very small 2+2 Program. Many current students at HBS found themselves in that situation, went
out and joined the work world, and reapplied successfully. Here’s the info on 2+2.

For the work experienced candidate it’s a bit more
complicated. Many seats in the Class of 2018 are already taken. Getting a visa
may be tough. That said, here are some reasons to step up to the plate now:

  • Financial aid doesn’t run out: we have the same need-based funds available to Round 3 admits as we did for Rounds 1 and 2.
  • There’s absolutely no stigma in being turned down – no negative implications for a future application.
  • Not too long a wait to get a decision – we’ll get interview invitations out by Wednesday, April 20th at noon (12 PM EST) and final decisions will come out on Wednesday, May 11th at noon (12 PM EST).
  • Options for where you interview – interviews will be offered on campus and there will be limited number available in Menlo Park, NYC and London. Skype will also be available for some applicants.
  • History: we ALWAYS admit people from Round 3 and they are always very wonderful.

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