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When I was researching Chicago Booth as an international
applicant in 2014, I came across a list of current students from nearly 50
countries around the world. Coming from Morocco, there is no doubt in my mind
that reaching out to the student volunteer from my country was one of the best
decisions I made during the application process. It strengthened my understanding
of the program, provided me with a resource to answer specific questions, dramatically
changed how I thought about my application, and confirmed that Booth is where I
wanted to be.

If you are looking
for a Booth student who can answer some specific questions
, our global
community volunteers
are a
unique resource. These Booth ambassadors are team of current Booth students, or
country captains, who volunteer as ambassadors for the school and serve as a
resource for perspective students all over the world. They share your
geographic background and can speak to what you may expect living in Chicago
and being at Booth. They can also assist with any of your questions relating to
recruiting, academics and otherwise. You can either reach out to your country
captain when you are visiting the Chicago campus or from afar, depending on
your circumstances. If you find yourself wanting to know more, I hope you will reach
out to our 99 country captain volunteers.

After seeing the impact of the country captain program as a
prospective student, I too wanted to be an ambassador when I started at Booth.
Being a country captain for France and Morocco is my humble attempt at showing
my gratitude to the other country captains that came before me, and pay it
forward to those of you researching MBA programs. 

Before Booth I worked as a quantitative analyst on a sales
and trading floor at an investment bank in Paris, France. After graduation, I
will be switching to a hedge fund analyst role on the East Coast of the United
States. If you think I can help answer any questions you may have, please contact

Abouchadi Ziad

Current Student & Guest Blogger

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