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by Sydney Sfreddo

The Career Development Center at Darden strives to identify new job opportunities for students and avenues to form valuable career connections with employers beyond on-Grounds recruiting. On 17 February, Darden partnered with other top MBA programs to host the fifth annual MBA Interview Forum in New York City. Darden had 20 students interview at the forum.

The MBA Interview Forum draws in numerous employers to one central location for one day of interviews for internship and full-time job opportunities. There were 27 companies who attended, some of which included Arconic, Ernst & Young, McKesson and Siemens. “Getting to interview with so many great companies in one day and in one location was amazing. Instead of travelling all over the place, I was able to stay in one location and do in-person interviews with multiple companies that may not have recruited on-Grounds,” said Ali Recht, a First Year student, who participated in the event.

Another attribute that makes the interview forums unique is that the interview area is set up in a speed dating layout with interviews being conducted simultaneously next to each other. “I’d never done an interview in a room full of other people interviewing, but I actually liked it. It made the interviews feel less intense and more casual than when it’s just you and an interviewer in a quiet room together. I liked being able to chat with other students between interviews and it helped me relax. I was also able to compare notes and tips with people who were interviewing with the same companies as me,” said Recht.

New York City isn’t the only target city for these interview forums. Additional interview forums are held in Boston, Chicago and San Francisco.

You can learn more about Darden’s Career Development Center on our website. 

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